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If you are looking for a prominent Bim outsourcing company, then you are at the right place of Scan to Bims because we are here to offer end to end building design solutions. With the help of our unrelenting success in harmony with 7 years of experience with the achievements of completing 3000 plus projects, we make sure that our clients are able to increase the value and efficiency of the construction process with the quality of uniqueness in the services.

As far as our Bim services are concerned, we have Bim services of structural Bim, architectural Bim, MEP BIM Modeling, Revit family creation, clash detection as well as scan to Bim services. Scan to beams is not just related to an engineering services firm, but it is a complete system that provides the services of building information modeling to engineering, construction, and architecture businesses.




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Address: 1st Floor, E-12, Hari Nagar, South Delhi, INDIA- 110044

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For Point cloud Bim modeling: 



Bim Services










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We are highly specialized in accurately transform point cloud data into 3d models which is helpful to Surveyors,  Contractors, 3d laser scanning companies, Architects, and Engineers.








Our Services Include

Scan to BIM Services

For oil and gas structures, tunnels, bridges, train stations, commercial buildings, old historical monuments, etc., we have the facilities for the execution of detailed point cloud to Bim services. We have had a great hold on the latest software in technology because of the continuous usage of modern tools for the sake of getting the model from point cloud data.

Architectural BIM services

When it comes to high-quality architectural BIM services, Scan to Bims is the one to deliver the projects from LOD 100 to LOD 500. The experts that we have of engineers and architects can assist you in the best possible manner with the services ranging from modeling to designing of any complex projects in no time.


Structural BIM Services

Whether it is residential structures, industrial structures, renovation of old structures, or commercial structures, we have the expertise in delivering the best and detailed structural Bim services.


MEP BIM Services

There is a reason for Scan to Bims to be counted among one of the top 10 service providers of BIM in India which has the capacity to offer MEP BIM Services. Whether it is about shop drawings services or it is about high precision 3D models, we have got the experienced MEP engineers to execute all such things which are compliant with building codes and standards in as much better way as it is possible.


Bim coordination services

With the experience of more than 10 years, Scan to Bims Company has been providing detailed MEP BIM coordination services in the field of Bim for different building structures. Our types of work include designs and suggesting appropriate resolutions, interference checks to ensure coordination of structural, MEP, and architectural trades.

Steel shop drawings

The company, Scan to Bims, has also made advancements in giving detailed shop drawings of components of structural steel across Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East, and Australia.


Milestones of Scan to Bims

It’s a pleasure for us to inform you that we've had the opportunity of serving more than 25 countries worldwide, and we have used our 25 plus experience and expertise to work with 200 plus companies. In the process of all these years and working with different clients and companies, we have accomplished more than 3000 projects related to the services of Bim.

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Your project is our project, and our project is like a child to us.

Our 3d/2d modeling services are Highly cost-effective and pocket friendly. 


Worry about Accuracy?

We have +7 year worldwide experience on all type of Bim and MEP projects.


Various businesses take place offshore, which make us a leader in the market of coordination, Bim 4D and scheduling, clash detection and resolution, MEP, Bim outsourcing services as well as CAD digitization.

Are you worried about the improved coordination that your project will get? It is time for you to partner with Scan to Bims to get the benefits of knowledge of building standards and modeling expertise because of the following things that scan to Bims carries with itself.

  • Scan to Bim is a specialist in building information modeling with a huge footprint globally.

  • We have selected project partners for urban structure developments in new cities all over the world.

  • It is also our immense effort to gain the real benefits of the Bim process with the help of enabling the sector of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).


We have a multidisciplinary team that works with immense dedication to operate an elementary philosophy or providing quality Bim support at competitive prices along with giving the services in quick turn around time. We have also set our priorities on creating mutually beneficial partnerships with design firms, architectural firms, engineering companies, AEC companies, and construction businesses.

It is just because of our accurate and precise Bim outsourcing services, it has become possible for us to enable both large as well as small AEC companies to streamline the construction processes worldwide.

We always give careful attention to the fact that clients always want the maximum return on their investment and keeping this thing in mind, Scan to Bims makes use of the latest and the modern technology which are available in the industry of AEC. We also have the best and extensive process of quality check to ensure that the final models that we prepare are code specific, accurate, and clash-free.

Our communication process has always been well defined and transparent, and because of that, our success rate is immensely best in the process of Bim. Despite the fact that the production team that we have is out of India, we have the system of maintaining a global presence through the representatives that we have in various countries like the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

This means that whatever may be the time zone of a particular place, we are always accessible to provide high quality and outstanding Bim drafting services that the clients may never have to wait even for a second to contact us and take pleasure in taking our services. With our customer and client accessing service, it is our qualitative, timely, and cost-effective modeling services that have led us to a stand as one of the top and huge Bim service providers.


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